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Under the spreading Chestnut tree…

An American Chestnut TreeThe mighty American Chestnut once graced the entire east coast of the US but then fell victim to a blight. Could it be returning?

Have you seen the test planting near Sugarloaf Mountain and other areas? A recent Washington Post article entitled The mighty American chestnut tree, poised for a comeback discusses the possibility of a return of this wonderful American tree.

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Journey through Hallowed Ground

Journey through Hallowed Ground Logo

The Journey through Hallowed Ground Map

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising national awareness of the unparalleled history in the region, which generally follows the Old Carolina Road (Rt. 15/231) from Gettysburg, through Maryland, to Monticello in Albemarle County, VA.

From its communities, farms, businesses and heritage sites, we have an opportunity to celebrate and preserve this vital fabric of America which stands today in the historic, scenic and natural beauty of this region.

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Catoctin Mountain Park Announces the Availability of the Draft Environmental Assessment to Relocate a Hiking Trail for Review and Comment

For Release: April 3, 2009
Contact:  Mel Poole, Superintendent

The Draft Environmental Assessment for relocating a hiking trail in Catoctin Mountain Park is available for public review on-line at the National Park Service’s Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) web site and on the Catoctin Mountain Park web site.  Bound copies are also available for review at the Park Visitor Center located at the intersection of Maryland Route 77 and Park Central Road, at Park Headquarters located approximately 2 miles west of Thurmont on Maryland Route 77, and at the public libraries in Frederick, Thurmont, Smithsburg, and Hagerstown.

This Environmental Assessment (EA) will provide decision-makers with information and analysis of alternatives and potential impacts of reconfiguring the hiking trails at Catoctin Mountain Park in order to provide for the safety and enjoyment of Park visitors.  The proposed alternatives include a no-action alternative (Alternative A) and two action alternatives (Alternatives B and C). Alternative B (the preferred alternative) calls for rerouting of an existing trail to parallel Maryland Route 77 from the Park Headquarters to the Park Visitor Center.   Alternative C proposes an existing trail be rerouted to eliminate a confusing trail intersection and provide a more direct route back to the Park Visitor Center.

We encourage comments to be submitted on-line at the PEPC web site. In the PEPC web site select Relocate Hiking Trail from the list of Park projects to download the document and submit on-line comments.

Written comments can also be submitted to: Superintendent, Catoctin Mountain Park, 6602 Foxville Road, Thurmont, Maryland 21788.  Comments will be accepted until May 4th, 2009.

For questions or further information, please contact Sean Denniston, Resources Manager, Catoctin Mountain Park at (301) 416-0536.

Catoctin Mountain Park is one of 391 units administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. The Park Visitor Center, located on State Route 77 three miles west of Thurmont, Maryland, is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Correspondence should be addressed to: Superintendent, Catoctin Mountain Park, 6602 Foxville Road, Thurmont, MD 21788. Our website address is  General information can be obtained by calling the Visitor Center at (301) 663-9388.

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